About Us

The Writer/Composer

Dr David McMillan (Ph.D., MBA, Trained Teachers Certificate, Teachers College Diploma) 

My ‘working life’ began at Wellington Teachers College (majoring in Art and Music), followed by teaching positions in Hawkes Bay, Waikato and eventually a sole charge position in Southland. The next two decades were spent as a business consultant, in the Financial Services Industry, working with clients throughout New Zealand. 

In 2015 I reduced the time spent in the consultancy, so that I could place more emphasis on music and art (School Musicals is an outcome of this change in direction). In addition to the musicals, I have published two books (Swimming Naked with The Sharks, Montage) and recorded four original albums.

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Dr Lynley McMillan and I have been married for 37 years. We live on a small lifestyle block in the Bay of Plenty with our daughter. The whenua (land) is shared with a llama, miniature horse, chickens, and Ziggy (a very energetic schnoodle). My spare time is spent exploring Aotearoa in our motorhome, oil painting, playing tennis, and trying to complete a seemingly endless procession of small ‘fix it’ projects in my workshop. 

Dedication to Laughton and Jenny Pattrick

My interest in school musicals began almost 50 years ago at Northland Primary School, in Wellington, New Zealand.  Jenny and Laughton Pattrick wrote and directed shows for the Wellington Town Hall Music Festivals (Odysseus and Goldrush). The thrill of performing on stage at the Old Town Hall was almost beyond dreams. As a cast, our enthusiasm hopefully made up for any lack of talent or formal training. This was our introduction to musicals and the experience formed a significant foundation of our childhood. 

I was delighted that Jenny accepted my request to dedicate the School Musicals to them both (Laughton in memory). On behalf of everyone that you have inspired and encouraged in their musical journey – thank you.

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                       Jenny Pattrick & Laughton Pattrick (in memory)

Gobsmacked -Professional Production 

School musicals specialises in providing original musicals for schools to produce and perform themselves. However, if your school prefers your production to be undertaken by a professional director, please contact Patrice Patel, at Gobsmacked Productions (patrice@gobsmacked.nz) for further details. Patrice has extensive international and national experience in staging successful productions for school children.